19 July 2009



我来这里已经5个月半了,时间真的是不等人啊。不知不觉,时间就这样飞逝了,留下的是什么?我还依稀记得我5个月前第一天来到马六甲的情形,一切是那么的陌生,对四周围都存着恐惧感;而如今,我已经是2个batch的senior了,对学校的熟悉程度也已经到烂了。想起当初的PPL、DCAT考试、flying phase,一直到现在的CA6,感觉我所经历的很多很多。有时候我会不太愿意去回想,因为我怕我越回想,我会越停留在过去。人们常说,忘记过去,展望未来,我不敢想我的未来会怎样,不过至少也要顾到现在吧。至于过去,我一直都努力着回想,不过我怕。我不晓得为何对过去有恐惧感,也许是我内心的障碍吧。不懂怎么写,反正你们是不明白的。。。

现在一边坐在电脑面前写blog,一边读着Meteorology。有时我不明白,身为飞行员就是操控着飞机就好了啊,为何还要读这么多东西?flight plan有flight dispatcher负责做、预测天气(Meteorology)有气象局的人负责做、Navigation的话有先进的电脑帮我们做,我真是想不透为什么飞行员要读这么多难懂的飞行Theory,连气象学都要读。光是云而已都分了好多种、大气层也分了很多层、方向也分成True Direction和Magnetic Direction、还有Variation、Deviation、Track Made Good、Track Error等等。这一大堆的东西简直不是人读的,真是不明白为什么要读这么多东西。还不止这些,就连speed也分成IAS、RAS、EAS、TAS和Ground Speed,当中的correction又包括pressure error、density error、compressibility error一大堆。。。如果我以后有孩子,肯定不会给他去读飞机师课程的。这些东西简直就是要了飞行员的命!




  1. 多些知识并没什么不好啦~哈哈~


  2. A pilot's job is more than just flying an aircraft~!

    Though there's the flight dispatcher to prepare the flight plan for you and METAR & TAF given to you prior to your flight etc...

    A Pilot is always responsible for the safety of the flight under his command.

    It is ALWAYS a PILOT'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that the flight plan route is correct, weather it's a tankering sector and if the CFP fuel is correct, whether the aircraft has any inoperative system(s), if so, can the aircraft still be dispatched safely according to MEL etc or if the aircraft is RVSM compliant if you are going to fly into RVSM airspace or request a different route for example if the flight route is wrong or if the initial route is bringing you right smack into the path of a typhoon etc.

    So, if you don't know anything, how are you going to make wise decision(s)???

    How are you going to be a safe and responsible pilot and make wise decision(s) when the situation arises when as only a trainee cadet, you are already complaining/ranting on why pilot's need to study so much???

    If such is your thinking and mindset, NO ONE will feel safe to entrust you to fly their loved ones.

    The more appropriate question is, will the airline(s) entrust you to fly a multi-million dollar aircraft on someone who only thinks a pilot's job is just flying.

    Your thinking is very shallow.

    Good Luck~!

  3. Believe in HIM, HE will guide you through your training phase. Do concentrate in your flight training and to become a good pilot in future. We are happy to see that someone in the street is talking about the correct thing. Boy, do remember that there is no easy thing in any type of job. And remember if you are a pilot, you are bringing hundred of people on board. Yes, the training needs to be very intensive. No doubt. Amen.

  4. Well said by Anonymous, seem like another guy from the airline is reading your blog, and giving you support.

    Good luck to you~