24 July 2009

3rd Week

不知不觉,CA6已经过了3个星期,下个星期将会进入第4个星期了。这3个星期下来,感觉学了很多很多东西。有时会感觉到脑袋快塞满了,可是还有9个星期的书要读,要装进头脑。我不晓得该如何办到,只好走一步,算一步吧。Ground School的确是每一个pilot最不喜欢的了,因为当了pilot要做什么?当然就是飞啊,真不明白为何要读那么多书。



  1. 感谢主!我一百巴仙赞成你的话。转向祂,仰望祂,信靠祂,就对了。信是主观的神应用到我们的全人:因此,对神如何没有一事是不可能的,对信也照样没有一事是不可能的。主恩同在。

  2. 正文弟兄,爸和妈要和你一同来分享:
    "And all that you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive. "(Matthew 21:22)
    阿们。 是指 --- 坚定,穏固,可靠。

  3. Come on... want to be a pilot yet complaining of why the need to study so much???

    CA6 is nothing. you still have a long way to go and learn. you need to grow up boy.

    You really think pilots' job is just pure flying? you are so wrong.

    A pilot needs to be well versed in all aspects of flying and understanding the limitations of the multi-million dollar machines a pilot is entrusted upon to fly hundreds of passengers safely to their destination(s).

    The lack of knowledge and situational awareness have caused many avoidable air crashes in the past.

    Stop complaining/ranting and work harder!

    Can you even fly the SE PA-28 Piper Warrior well?

    Please... this may be a little harsh but it irritates when young chaps like you given this precious opportunity complains and rant about why the need to study so much??? eg. meteorology, instruments, flight planning, radio navigation, navigation subjects etc etc.

    If you really aspire to be a pilot, this shouldn't be hard for you.

    People's life is at stake here! so, equip yourself and be a safe and responsible pilot~!

    Grow up & mature!

  4. Yes, grow up & mature. We have to admit that we are learning everyday which has no full stop at all. Do enjoy in the training since it is your dream before you were selected to be one of the sixteen cadet pilots by Air Asia. i.e out of one thousand candidates all over the country. Well done. It means that you are someone who is extraordinary from the rest. Believe in GOD who will always guide you through your training. GOD loves you. Amen.

  5. Very Well Said by your Beloved Parents.

    Whenever you think the going gets tough, please spare a thought for the thousands of aspirants out there who are praying and dreaming just for this once in a lifetime shot at being a commercial pilot.

    Enjoy the training while you can.

    Work harder and Don't let your parents down!

    When you succeed one day, i'm very sure they'll be very proud of you.

    You are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful and supporting parents.

    God Bless.