16 January 2009

Yet Another Painstaking Waiting...

It's left than 2 weeks now to join the training in MFA, yet the company hasn't informed us anything till now. The briefing, the loan, the bond signing, we have got no clue at all, seriously. But, who cares? I've managed to wait for 9 months already, this short 2 weeks won't cause any matter at all to me. It's not my practice to always complain on something but this time really get me pissed off! I'm totally dissatisfied with the company's way of dealing with this matter, only one word, SLOW!I seriously hope the company's working efficiency can speed up, well, at least don't leave everything until the very last minute to get them done. I love this company, but there's still lots of improvements. Dato Tony, you hear me?

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